Please support us this November when you participate in the ExtraOrdinaryGive

Delpeche students with new
school kits, 2017.

Imagine providing ordinary Haitian people the opportunity to hear the Good News of Jesus!
Imagine providing ordinary Haitian children with basic school materials!
Imagine providing Radio Lumiere, Haiti's national Christian Radio Network with much needed equipment so that they can minister to their people!

click to giveThat’s exactly what you do, and more, when you support Least of These Ministries during Lancaster’s Extraordinary Give on November 18, 2022.

On November 18, donate online at (on the day of the event this page will redirect you to the proper place) and your generous gift will be stretched by more than a HALF MILLION DOLLARS in the stretch pool and prizes from the Lancaster County Community Foundation and sponsors. Help us go the EXTRA mile together!


Instructions for Participating in ExtraGive

  1. Pray that God would work in and through you as you consider what you will give towards reaching the least-reached.
  2. Put ExtraGive on your calendar as a reminder to not miss the chance to see what God does with your efforts!
  3. On November 18 donate at our page and invite your friends to participate as well!

*If you are unable to make a donation on November 19th or you wish to make an immediate donation – please use the form below.

If you have any questions please email

Can’t make a gift on November 18th?

Donate today by filling in below and your gift will go towards our ExtraGive total.