Delivering a (“New”) Truck

<i><strong>This is the 2003 Toyota Tacoma that is going to Haiti for Radio Lumiere.</strong></i>
This is the 2003 Toyota Tacoma that is going to Haiti for Radio Lumiere.

Many thanks to some generous and enterprising folks

For many years Radio Lumiere has had a pickup truck that has slowly and steadily worn out.  It has served ably and the staff tried their best to find part to keep it running.

In addition, RL has an Isuzu Trooper that the staff has struggled to keep on the road due to frequent transmission problems and difficulty in keeping tires on it.  Finding tires in-country has been met with no success.

A dependable truck with readily available repair parts has been on Radio Lumiere's need list for a long time.  They can strike that from their list, thanks to some persistent searching by Dale Long and the generosity of several anonymous donors!

Least of These Ministries has procured this 2003 Toyota Tacoma truck for the Radio Lumiere Engineering Dept to make use of.

New tires along with the "New" truck

Anonymous donors donated money to offset much of the cost of the truck.  Other donors contributed a new set of tires for it and a new set of tires for the aforementioned Isuzu!

We thank Gingrich Auto Sales for offering this truck at a very economical cost to LOTM.  Also thanks to Brubaker Inc. for their efforts in getting the truck ready for shipment. 

Lastly, we are grateful to our donors who paid for the new tires on the Toyota and Isuzu!